Try SCUBA Diving


The ‘Try SCUBA Diving’ session is perfect for a beginner wanting to explore more of the underwater world. This SCUBA diving taster session (often known as a ‘try dive’) allows you to experience breathing and swimming around underwater just like a qualified SCUBA diver on a dive. The Try SCUBA Diving session is ideal for someone unsure about committing to the full certification course before sampling the underwater experience.

The two-hour session includes a basic introduction to the theory of SCUBA diving, to help you understand the basic principles and safety aspects. SCUBA diving equipment is introduced and explained before donning your gear and taking the plunge!

A fully trained RAID staff member, to help you relax and feel at home underwater, conducts each session in our on site swimming pool.

The minimum age for this session is 10 years of age. A parent or guardian must accompany a child under the age of 16.
You are required to bring along swimwear, a towel and an old t-shirt or rash guard to wear under the equipment.

Try SCUBA Diving sessions are normally conducted on a Tuesday or Thursday evening at 18:30. Please call or email to reserve your session.

A Try SCUBA Diving session is not a certification course, if after the taster session you would like to continue on to receive a certification you can sign up for the RAID Open Water 20 course