Master Rescue


ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? This course is demanding and realistic in its conduct, content and approach.

The Master Rescue Diver course (Level 3) is an important and crucial step in expanding your knowledge and experience beyond a purely recreational level.

This unique course builds confidence and ability, providing the skills and knowledge to help you better understand how to respond safely and efficiently to surface and underwater emergencies to a maximum depth of 40 metres/132 feet

Course Structure & Requirements
This programme is broken into two sections: online theory and practical training.

Online theory includes knowledge reviews and exam for this level of diver training. The theory is broken down into 9 sections covering diving in general, environment, equipment, physics, physiology, management, rescue, confined water training and open water training.

Once the online theory is completed you will have practical training with your RAID Instructor in the confined water followed by open water sessions. The total time of the confined and open water sessions combined must be at least 5 hours underwater.

PREREQUISITES for the Practical Training
To be a minimum of 16 years old.
– Completed and passed Level 3 online theory and exam.
– Have a minimum of 12 hours logged underwater whilst using open circuit equipment.
– Have a RAID Advanced 35 (Open Water) certification or equivalent certification from a recognised training agency.
– Have a current rescue breathing/CPR and oxygen provider certificate from a recognised authority.

Documented proof of prerequisite requirements needs to be presented to the Dive Centre for approval prior to any in water training.

To enrol on the Master Rescue course please call or email us.


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