Diving in Cyprus

white_breamMany people say it’s not worth diving the Med; there are no fish left. Now I can’t speak for the whole of the Med but in Cyprus there are definitely plenty of fish left in the sea!

We dived with a local dive centre in Paphos, south west Cyprus, Abyss Dive Centre. With an abundance of dive sites to suit all abilities there was almost too much to choose from.

We decided to start with two easy shore dives, the first known as Amphitheaters and the second Sea Caves. As the names suggest both of these dive sites have interesting underwater topography.


Amphitheatres_diversAt Amphitheaters there are three large structures that look like ancient amphitheaters starting from the surface. There is also a long wall covered in sponges – perfect for spotting nudibranchs. Close to the shore there are large patches of seagrass where you can spot cuttlefish!



Sea Caves lives up to its name with a series of easy to access caverns, some of which after a tight entrance open up to hold several divers. There are also a lot of smaller caves perfect for spotting groupers and octopus.

Now you can’t dive in Cyprus and not dive the world famous wreck of the Zenobia. Lying on its side just 10 minutes off the coast of Larnaca, this is one of the most perfect diving wrecks in the world.

The top of the wreck is around 17m and goes down to 42m. You definitely need more than one dive to explore it! There is also a corridor along the side of the wreck that you can swim inside easily –it is huge so no need to worry!


Although in the summer months its like diver soup at the Zenobia, it also teems with marine life making every dive an amazing dive.

SEA_CAVESThe diving season in Cyprus runs from March to November but the early and late months can be uncertain. At the beginning of the season it water is a cool 19°C slowly it warms into the mid twenties as the air temperature warms but below the thermocline it can still be chilly. The summer months on land can be extremely hot (~40°C+) so getting into the water is a relief.

Interested in diving Cyprus? Keep an eye out for more blogs on Cyprus diving or visit Abyss Dive Centre online.